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The Grade 1 listed Georgian site had featured a private member's bar used by Jarvis Cocker, Peter Capaldi and Brian Cox among others.
Posted: 20/6/24
The new name “reflects a deeper commitment to cultivating financial wellbeing for the individuals and communities we service”, says the charity.
Posted: 19/6/24
Charity leaders at the British Red Cross and Down’s Syndrome Association are also among those honoured.
Posted: 18/6/24
This Carers Week, Helen Walker, CEO of Carers UK, shares insight into the power of a patron
Posted: 14/06/2024
"Challenging operating conditions and a reduction in fundraising income over the last few years left the trustees with no other choice but to close the charity," said Cancer Support Scotland.
Posted: 17/6/24
Here we summarise the key points of interest for charities in the main political parties’ manifestos, which launched this week ahead of July’s general election.
Posted: 14/6/24
The Labour Party is pledging it “will consult fully” with charities in developing policy and introducing legislation in areas including employment, child poverty, the environment and animal welfare.
Posted: 13/6/24
The party's manifesto gives a commitment to “go beyond restoring international aid to 0.7% of gross national income”.
Posted: 12/6/24
The party wants to “work with individuals, businesses, charities and other networks" to bolster philanthropic giving.
Posted: 12/6/24
Restoring the UK's international aid budget and scrapping anti-protest laws are among other measures outlined ahead of July's general election
Posted: 11/6/24
This year's event raised £15m, which takes its fundraising total above £100m since it launched 18 years ago.
Posted: 10/6/24
Posted: 10/6/24
Nine of the charities have been removed from the register, while four are now subject to further investigation after issues in their administration and governance were found.
Posted: 10/6/24
Researchers say the findings show "there is untapped potential" for refugee charities, despite culture war attacks on their work.
Posted: 7/6/24
The cancer support charity has successfully prosecuted a gang involved in an “organised, sophisticated and targeted” fraud operation that involved pretending to be genuine cancer patients in need of support.
Posted: 6/6/24
Charities are being urged to prioritise raising lower salaries in line with the living wage as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation.
Posted: 5/6/24
Breast Cancer Now has carried out a "thorough review" of its fundraising practices after a vulnerable man was encouraged to make regular donations by its agency.
Posted: 4/6/24
The King’s Foundation, which was embroiled in a cash for honours scandal three years ago, has turned to David Beckham to help promote its work.
Posted: 3/6/24
The Rugby League star and Motor Neurone Disease Association patron Rob Burrow passed away at the weekend, four and a half years after he was diagnosed with the disease.
Posted: 3/6/24
NCVO and ACEVO have used the charity sector manifesto to call on the next government to establish a civil society charter to help charities work more effectively with government.
Posted: 31/05/2024
Online charity sales are on the rise as income from in-store sales continues to remain steady, new research has shown.
Posted: 30/05/2024
More than half of charities are still struggling to fill volunteer roles, a situation that hasn't improved over the past year, research has shown.
Posted: 29/05/2024
A new cohort of mentees have been selected to take part in a 12-month mentorship programme, designed to help fundraisers into leadership positions.
Posted: 29/05/2024
The Charity Governance Code steering group has launched a public consultation to refresh and reshape the Code.
Posted: 28/05/2024
For the first time since the pandemic the charity sector is financially positive about 2024, despite challenges in recruitment and rising costs, according to a new report.
Posted: 28/05/2024
We outline latest advice on how charities can safely continue campaigning ahead of 4 July’s general election, which was announced this week by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
Posted: 24/5/24
Volunteering recruitment challenges are worsening for small charities, while there is improvement among their larger counterparts, a survey has found.
Posted: 23/5/24
One in three Generation Z donors have increased the amount they give to charities over the past two years, compared to just one in six across all age groups, a survey has found.
Posted: 22/5/24
“It is important that the Commission apologises for its mistakes," says Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Rebecca Hilsenrath.
Posted: 20/5/24
St John Ambulance has appointed a senior civil servant at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to be its next chief executive.
Posted: 20/5/24
Oracle Cancer Trust and the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, have announced their merger and the formation of a new organisation named Oracle Head & Neck Cancer UK.
Posted: 17/05/2024
The Charity Commission has found the trustees of a charity responsible for mismanagement after they ignored official warnings.
Posted: 16/05/24
Posted: 16/05/24
Charity sector campaign group #CharitySoWhite has spoken out after it was revealed the former deputy chief executive of Mayday Trust used the N-word during a meeting about diversity.
Posted: 15/05/2024
Millom Network Centre has launched the appeal after being left in “an extremely vulnerable position”, following the scam.
Posted: 14/5/24
An animal rescue charity has launched a fundraising appeal to raise £100,000 over the next four months to ensure it can remain open.
Posted: 13/5/24
Children’s charities Home for Good and Safe Families are to merge, with the legal aspects of the move set to be completed this Autumn.
Posted: 10/5/24
Supporters of Small Charity Week 2024 are aiming to begin a national conversation about the issues facing charities, they have said.
Posted: 09/05/24
Research estimates the overall return on investment for legacy marketing is £15 for every £1 spent.
Posted: 9/5/24
A reset is needed in the relationship following years of culture war attacks, a charity research expert is warning.
Posted: 8/5/24
But employers are still failing to keep up with demand among staff for opportunities to give up their time for good causes.
Posted: 8/5/24
Donors can be grouped into five key types, ranging from those who give due to a personal connection to a cause to those who are motivated to act in an emergency, according to latest research.
Posted: 7/5/24
A partnership between Guide Dogs and Beano is just the latest innovative promotional link up between the comics industry and good causes.
Posted: 3/5/24
Girlguiding has appointed the former chief executive of a government backed taskforce to increase the number of women leaders in business as its next chair.
Posted: 2/5/24
The Information Commissioner’s Office is calling for “urgent improvements” among charities and public bodies in their handling of HIV patients’ data following this latest breach.
Posted: 1/5/24
There has also been a rise in giving over the last year due to major events including the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
Posted: 30/4/24
Posted: 26/04/24
The report found that despite a widespread awareness of a ‘diversity deficit’ in the sector, it is not prioritised as an issue that needs to be addressed.
Posted: 26/04/24
The Charity Commission has criticised a charity for misleading its supporters by suggesting that the “financially resilient” orphanage it supports was in need of funds.
Posted: 26/4/24
Posted: 25/04/24
Gains include boosting productivity and improving workers' health and wellbeing.
Posted: 25/4/24
Posted: 24/04/24
Just one in 50 employees use salary sacrifice schemes for charity donations, according to latest figures.
Posted: 24/4/24
Workers impacted “were in tears” and “the mood amongst staff is extremely negative”, according to a source.
Posted: 23/4/24
Tributes have been paid to Julia Rausing, who passed away at the age of 63 last week.
Posted: 23/4/24
Posted: 23/4/24
London Marathon fundraising via the JustGiving and Enthuse platforms has reached a record £67m a day after the event.
Posted: 22/4/24
The business director has been sanctioned for suspected involvement in a pro-Hamas news agency.
Posted: 22/4/24
One in five charity donors aged over 40 have included a charitable gift in their will, latest figures reveal.
Posted: 19/4/24
Concerns over a membership row are also raised by the Charity Commission.
Posted: 18/4/24
The rise will be phased in with the first increase in September this year.
Posted: 17/4/24
Across Europe more than a quarter of charities are reducing their staffing numbers due to the cost-of-living crisis, a survey has found.
Posted: 16/4/24
Orlando Fraser’s comments come amid ongoing concern over the behaviour and influence of such organisations.
Posted: 15/4/23
The regulator says the repost had been made in error while social media posts mentioning the Commission were being monitored.
Posted: 12/4/24
Only three in ten charities have trustees in place who are explicitly responsible for cyber security.
Posted: 12/4/24
Its 1970s branding “was holding us back from being the modern, forward-facing organisation we really want, and need, to be”, according to RSPCA CEO Chris Sherwood.
Posted: 12/4/24
The trustee "was seen inciting religious violence, advocating the murder of blasphemers and denigrating specific Islamic faiths", found the Charity Commission.
Posted: 11/4/24
‘This does feel like the right moment to begin planning to pass the role on into new hands,’ says NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless.
Posted: 10/4/24
Posted: 10/04/23
The charity is inviting gamers and streamers to carry out a challenge around the number 250, which is how many people each day in the UK who are told they are losing their sight.
Posted: 10/4/24
Charities' are ignoring racism, child abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, theft and corruption and instead prioritising their organisations’ ‘moral goodness’.
Posted: 8/4/24
Charities are being urged to ensure they are creating autism friendly workplaces to ensure more neuro-divergent people can thrive at work.
Posted: 9/4/24
The investigation found that the 74-year-old MBE recipient had been holding the charities' funds in his personal accounts.
Posted: 8/4/24
There has been a 24% drop in charities receiving government grants, the Charity Commission has reported using annual returns data from between 2021 and 2022.
Posted: 05/04/24
Kevin O’Brien, former Chair of CFG’s Finance and Audit Committee, has been appointed interim chair of the board.
Posted: 05/04/24
The general public still prefer to donate items to charity over selling them online, new research from Scope suggests.
Posted: 04/04/2024
Charities need to proceed with caution when using AI, the Charity Commission has warned.
Posted: 03/04/24
Food Cycle's youngest ever CEO, and former Charity Times Award winner details a week in her life.
Posted: 02/04/2024
Posted: 02/04/2024
Female workers in the sector are losing £28,710 from their pension within a 45-year working life time due to pay disparity and taking time out of work after having children, a report is warning.
Posted: 28/3/24
This has resulted in an increase in staff "being given less of a grounding in a charitable message", warns the Fundraising Regulator.
Posted: 27/3/24
Scout Association chief executive Matt Hyde is stepping down after 11 years leading the youth charity to take the same role at Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales.
Posted: 26/3/24
A blockbuster style fairy tale voiced by Oscar winning actor Olivia Coleman to highlight the impact of dementia on families’ lives is among winners at this year’s Charity Film of the Year awards.
Posted: 25/3/24
The Charity Commission investigation has been launched into four education charities that are linked by a trustee after “finding irregularities in their accounts”.
Posted: 22/3/24
In a new series, readers ask our new columnist, Nicola Barber, a series of questions relating to investment and trusteeship.
Posted: 21/03/2024
Complaints made to the Fundraising Regulator have risen by 8%, its annual report shows.
Posted: 21/03/2024
Leslie Morphy, who was chief executive of homelessness charity Crisis for eight years, has been appointed as chair of children in care charity Become.
Posted: 20/3/24
Increasing costs, late payment of contracts and recruitment challenges have contributed to the charity’s closure later this month.
Posted: 19/3/24
Just one grant maker out of 100 looked at achieved top marks for diversity, accountability and transparency
Posted: 18/3/24
A report by nfpResearch and the Sheila McKechnie Foundation is urging charities to adopt a similar ‘David v Goliath narrative’ as Bates when campaigning and lobbying politicians.
Posted: 15/3/24
Workers at debt charity Rooted Finance are set to strike next week amid concerns over pay, conditions and union recognition.
Posted: 14/3/24
National Emergencies Trust (NET) board member Elizabeth Balgobin passed away earlier this month after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer.
Posted: 13/3/24
The union Unite is poised to take legal action claiming Glasgow East Woman’s Aid gave staff “no notice” of closure.
Posted: 12/3/24
Charity Commission CEO Helen Stephenson said she is “shocked” by the extent of the “appalling service charities receive from some banks”.
Posted: 11/3/24
The investigation will look at how the video was posted on Al-Manar Centre Trust’s Facebook account and to ensure the charity has improved its social media protocols.
Posted: 8/3/24
Despite extra funding for medical charities and a tightening up of Gift Aid legislation, Jeremy Hunt's budget has been described as a "missed opportunity" to support those in need of support.
Posted: 6/3/24
Almost half of charity revenue leakage “can be traced back to problems with data”, a snapshot survey of charity finance experts claims.
Posted: 6/3/24
Almost half a million unsolicited texts had been sent by Penny Appeal to people who had not provided their consent or had opted out, found the Information Commissioner.
Posted: 5/3/24
An NCVO survey of more than 300 charities found 87% are subsidising underfunded deals with public sector organisations through other income streams, such as donations and legacies.
Posted: 4/3/24
Civil society minister Stuart Andrew wants to expand philanthropy UK wide amid concerns donating from high-worth organisations and individuals is too concentrated in London and the south of England.
Posted: 4/3/24
Charities can be compelled to carry out improvements and those who file their accounts late can be removed from the register, under legal changes taking place from April.
Posted: 1/3/24
The financial crisis engulfing local government “is a moderate to high risk” for more than half of charities that work with councils, research warns.
Posted: 29/2/24
“The lives of young people are being put at risk" by the charity’s "failure to recognise the inadequacies of their operational practice”, a coroner has warned.
Posted: 28/2/24
Margaret Grainger joined British Wireless for the Blind Fund as its chief executive in 1986.
Posted: 28/2/24
"It’s more important than ever that people take time off to rest and recharge – so that they can come back stronger,” researchers are advising.
Posted: 27/2/24
The warning has been issued by Charity Commission chair Orlando Fraser to politicians, the media and charities as the regulator launches its new five-year strategy.
Posted: 26/2/24
Cancer Research UK is targeting high-value donors and philanthropists for its latest fundraising drive in a bid to raise £400m for medical research.
Posted: 26/2/24
Charities must be prepared for a challenging year ahead against the backdrop of the eagerly anticipated general election, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations has warned.
Posted: 22/02/24
Big Give has announced its inaugural arts-focused campaign, Arts for Impact, which will raise funds for 239 charities across the UK that are having a social impact.
Posted: 21/02/23
Charities and other non-profits are at risk of missing out on top talent due to their employee benefits offering, a new report has found.
Posted: 20/02/24
Cats Protection has appointed a new advocacy and influence director.
Posted: 20/02/24
Chief Executive of Bowel Cancer UK, Genevieve Edwards, offers her insights on how charities can benefit from listening to and collaborating with their community.
Posted: 16/02/24
Tracey Crouch's recent successful treatment for cancer has given her “an opportunity to pause and reflect on my own personal priorities”.
Posted: 14/2/23
Artificial intelligence is currently unable to resolve ethical dilemmas around donor influence, donations from fossil fuel companies, and consent, a think tank is warning.
Posted: 12/2/24
Just 48 mergers took place last year, the lowest on record.
Posted: 9/2/24
Experienced regulator David Holdsworth is to rejoin the Charity Commission having previously been its deputy chief executive and registrar.
Charity optimism for event fundraising growth comes amid continuing concerns around the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on donors.
Posted: 8/2/24
"Difficult conversations, learning from each other, and implementing inclusive practices" are needed within environmental charities, a report is warning.
Posted: 7/2/24
The warning has been issued to charities as the Charity Commission investigates a feud taking place between trustees at a London based religious charity.
Posted: 2/2/24
The warning has come from the Carers Trust after the closure of one of its network members was announced this week.
Posted: 1/2/24
Seven in ten people say action is needed to ensure artificial intelligence technology is accessible to all charities, irrespective of their size and location.
Posted: 31/1/24
The survey's findings have been revealed to promote the launch of this year's Big Help Out volunteering campaign.
Posted: 30/1/24
Instead of “seeking to find fault” with fossil firms' link ups with charities, UK society should be “applauding them”, said Lucy Frazer.
Posted: 29/1/24
Bishop Climate Wiseman had sold an oil through the religious charity he ran that he claimed would protect people from Covid-19.
Posted: 26/1/24
Almost 29,000 volunteers from 10 major charities contributed to the survey.
Posted: 25/1/24
Providing refillable water bottles, improving recycling and encouraging participants to use public transport to travel to events are among green measures organisers are being told to adopt.
Posted: 24/1/24
Peter Sparkes has commanded a frigate used to tackle pirates off the coast of Somalia and has represented the Royal Navy in Washington.
Posted: 23/1/24
“Tories seem set on sabotaging civil society to save their own skins,” said the Labour leader at a civil society event this week.
Posted: 22/1/23
But more work is needed to tackle an emerging trust gap and win the confidence of working-class people in rural areas and small towns, Charity Commission research has found.
Posted: 22/1/23
Less than a third of charities surveyed said they have the capacity to help more people during the current economic situation.
Posted: 19/1/24
The committee's launch is the latest move in measures taken by the CIoF to improve safeguarding after it was rocked by a sexual harassment scandal three years ago.
Posted: 19/1/24
A homelessness charity has been forced to close after “the pandemic and subsequent years” eroded its reserves.
Posted: 18/1/24
The charity found its previous name “was becoming a barrier” following consultation with staff, supporters and beneficiaries.
Posted: 17/1/23
Charities are currently missing out on as much as £560m in Gift Aid each year, analysis has found.
Posted: 16/1/24
Staff and board members say they are “beyond devastated” the charity will close at the end of January.
Posted: 15/1/24
“We believe a happy team leads to better support for those we serve,” says the charity
Posted: 12/1/24
Generation X and Baby Boomers are “putting off making important decisions”, such as leaving a legacy pledge to a charity, due to “uncertainty around the economy”, the report says.
Posted: 11/1/24
Analysis has revealed the demographics of the perfect shopper charities need to target for their High Street stores.
Posted: 10/1/24
From adhering to the rules to tackling culture wars there is plenty for charities to consider ahead of this year’s general election.
Posted: 9/1/24
Analysis has looked at charities' search engine performance, tech issues and the ‘authority’ of their online content.
Posted: 8/1/24
The online fundraising platform's latest figures also reveal its users' favourite good causes and the UK's most generous regions.
Posted: 5/1/24
Vicky Browning has been appointed to head POhWER for an initial period of six months.
Posted: 4/1/24
The well-known children’s campaigner died on New Year’s Day aged 61 following a period of ill health.
Posted: 3/1/24
Founders of The Brain Tumour Charity and the chair of Refuge have also been named as recipients of honours in this year's list.
Posted: 2/1/24
Getting serious about diversity and campaigning safely during a general election are among the many challenges charity leaders face in 2024.
Posted: 21/12/23
As part of our offering at Charity Times, we delve into subjects affecting the charity sector so you can keep up to date on latest developments and conversations. Below, we list some of the features we wrote in 2023 that you may have missed.
Posted: 20/12/2023
Posted: 20/12/2023
Posted: 19/12/2023
Posted: 19/12/2023
Posted: 19/12/2023
Two in five people say they enjoy giving to charity at this time of year and are actively seeking good causes to back.
Posted: 20/12/23
The charity's Russian oligarch trustees had “damaged the reputation of the charity and charities in general”, says the regulator.
Posted: 19/12/23
We don’t know if it’s just us, but 2023 has felt like it’s both flown by and been a hard slog. What we do know however is that a lot has happened. Below, we link to some of the news and features you looked at the most.
Posted: 18/12/2023
It’s been yet another challenging year for charities and the news has been dominated by a rapid pace of change to sink your teeth into. We take a look back at some of the key moments from 2023.
Posted: 18/12/2023
Criticism follows the appointment of junior Department for Work and Pensions minister Mims Davies to the role, which was previously held by a minister of state.
Posted: 18/12/23
Billionaire Dr Viatcheslav Kantor is criticised by the Charity Commission for failing to resign as a charity trustee after being sanctioned by the UK government amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Posted: 15/12/23
The Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIoF) is calling for clarity on how changes to the Fundraising Code can effectively tackle harassment and intimidation faced by fundraisers.
Posted: 14/12/23
Three in five people in rural areas have volunteered over the last year, compared to only half of those living in urban communities.
Posted: 13/12/23
Gwen Hines is leaving the international children's charity to lead Plant Heritage next year.
Posted: 12/12/23
The largest grant of £3.5m is being handed to food bank charity The Trussell Trust.
Posted: 12/12/23
Oxfam workers have suspended their series of one day strikes taking place this month following talks that “resulted in an improved offer being made”, according to the union Unite.
Posted: 11/12/23
Halima Begum became ActionAid UK chief executive in July but is to leave to take over from Oxfam's Danny Sriskandarajah.
Posted: 7/12/23
Sector bodies are working together on the new project
Posted: 8/12/23
Posted: 7/12/23
The weeklong campaign finished on 5 December and raised a record sum for the 1,077 charities that took part.
Posted: 7/12/23
A survey has found that 42% of charitable investors say investment returns have either been under their often inflation linked targets or below expectations.
Posted: 6/12/23
“The origin of the racist disrespect, exclusion and scrutiny was always senior management peers or chief executive level,” said one respondent.
Posted: 4/12/23
The imprints are needed on digital campaign material to improve transparency, say the chairs of the Electoral Commission and Charity Commission.
Posted: 5/12/23
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust are to share a record £1m donation from Yorkshire Water, after it polluted waterways in their area.
Posted: 4/12/23
“It is normal practice for volunteers to keep shops open in the absence of managers, where this is practical,” said an Oxfam spokesperson.
Posted: 1/12/23
The TAROE Trust is to close this month amid “unfavourable operating conditions” and after applying to over 100 funders “without success”.
Posted: 1/12/23
Disabled global majority volunteers are almost four times as likely to feel excluded while working for charities, compared to all volunteers.
Posted: 30/11/23
Heidi Travis is to step down as chief executive of palliative care charity Sue Ryder next year.
Posted: 29/11/23
The findings have been published on Giving Tuesday, which is ‘stagnating’ in the UK according to research released earlier this year.
Posted: 28/11/23
Also only one in ten trustees believe the regulator’s formal guidance and public commentary on campaigning match up.
Posted: 27/11/23
Encouraging whistleblowing of suspicious activity is also a focus of events taking place.
Posted: 27/11/23
Counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy for shop workers and their children will be offered through the charity's partnership with mental health specialists.
Posted: 24/11/23
Charity sector income is likely to be £9bn lower than pre-Covid, according to Pro Bono Economics' latest projections.
Posted: 23/11/23
Benefits sanctions against unemployed people with disabilities and long-term health conditions have been criticised by charities.
Posted: 22/11/23
Property prices falls are set to impact on charity’s legacy income over the next four years.
Posted: 22/11/23
Cornwall Museums Partnership's phased closure follows the withdrawal of a conditional offer of Arts Council England funding.
Posted: 21/11/23
Two in five charities' workforces are blighted by overwork and presenteeism, a survey has revealed.
Posted: 20/11/23
Glasgow East Women’s Aid directors say "this is an extremely complex situation".
Posted: 17/11/23
Posted: 21/11/23
The Royal British Legion (RBL) has appointed the RNID’s chief executive Mark Atkinson to lead its executive board.
Posted: 16/11/23
Most charity sectors have seen a drop-in support among mass participation fundraisers over the last year, research has found.
Posted: 16/11/23
Budget concerns and "unanticipated liabilities" have also emerged as reasons for the closure of the Cares Family, on top of previously mentioned fundraising pressures.
Posted: 15/11/23
But the survey found 5% of charity, foundation and endowment investors do not think ESG is important and 16% think it is of ‘minor importance’.
Posted: 15/11/23
Almost three quarters of charities that deliver public service contracts say they cannot meet current demand with the funding they currently receive, a survey by NCVO has revealed.
Posted: 14/11/23
The Prince's Trust is among the monarch's charities to be renamed.
Posted: 14/11/23
The regulator’s chair Orlando Fraser has hit out at “personal squeamishness” and “righteous progressiveness” of trustees who turn down gifts from donors they disagree with.
Posted: 10/11/23
While many more UK people donate compared to other countries, Brits fall behind the rest of the world in terms of volunteering and helping strangers.
Posted: 13/11/23
Female charity leaders are being mistaken for note takers at meetings and are mocked for showing emotion, the report found.
Posted: 9/11/23
The comedian Joe Lycett has raised more than £66,000 for Crisis with more money coming in through an unusual fundraiser sparked by home secretary Suella Braverman’s comments that rough sleeping is a “lifestyle choice”.
Posted: 8/11/23
The regulator's chief executive Helen Stephenson says it is looking to develop research into barriers to trusteeship and is meeting young trustees this week to encourage more young people to join boards.
Posted: 8/11/23
Only half of charities are actively seeking to recruit new trustees from more diverse backgrounds, a survey has found.
Posted: 7/11/23
Martin Houghton-Brown will leave the first aid charity in 2024 after six years in the role.
Posted: 8/11/23
A survey of more than 250 charities has highlighted widespread concerns around reduced funding and increased running costs.
Posted: 6/11/23
The charity’s income increased by more than 130,000% over 18 months.
Posted: 3/11/23
The answer has emerged amid an “unwelcome intrusion” from national politicians on the way charities campaign and lobby, according to researchers.
Posted: 3/11/23
Posted: 2/11/23
Details of how £30m worth of government funding to boost volunteering opportunities is being spent have been revealed.
Posted: 30/10/23
Areas of disadvantage are missing out under the current funding system, a group of MPs is warning.
Posted: 27/10/23
The specialist care home and school charity has taken the decision following a critical inspection report.
Posted: 26/10/23
Rising demand has “taken its toll on the workforce”, according to researchers.
Posted: 26/10/23
The anti-poverty charity's "hypocrisy is astounding”, claims Unite general secretary Sharon Graham.
Posted: 25/10/23
The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is closely monitoring “the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation” following the escalation of violence in Israel and Gaza.
Posted: 25/10/23
The findings have emerged from a survey of 34 High Street and online retailers, including Amazon, Ikea, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.
Posted: 25/10/23
Refugee Council, Safe Passage International and Doctors of the World are among charities to make the recommendation to the UK government.
Posted: 24/10/23
A coalition of more than 50 charity organisations is urging Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to address underfunding in public service delivery contracting and grant making.
Posted: 23/10/23
Children’s and health charities are among good causes to see the biggest decline in popularity among donors over the last five years, research has found.
Posted: 20/10/23
Romilly Greenhill, the UK director of anti-poverty group The ONE Campaign, has been named as the next chief executive of international aid sector organisation Bond.
Posted: 19/10/23
It is being reported The Captain Tom Foundation is set to close after a Charity Commission investigation being carried out into its management is completed.
Posted: 18/10/23
Accountancy failures and the couple’s employment of their daughters at the school their charity ran are among concerns raised.
Posted: 18/10/23
The survey's findings suggest calls from Conservative MPs and government ministers to curb charities' campaigning role is out of step with their voters.
Posted: 17/10/23
Lack of global majority CEOs and a “significant” gender pay gap continue to blight charity leadership, warns ACEVO chief executive Jane Ide.
Posted: 16/10/23
The move has been taken after a quadrupling of antisemitic incidents in the UK since the start of the conflict in Israel and Gaza last week.
Posted: 13/10/23
Charity director pay has also increased over this period, while senior executive salaries have fallen, research has revealed.
Posted: 13/7/23
A decline in income from the public and investments during the Covid pandemic are key factors in the slump.
Posted: 12/10/23
Just as philanthropy is evolving to become more democratised, so grantmaking must too. Natasha Friend, director at Camden Giving, explains more.
Posted: 12/10/23
The move sees the grant giver's £1.2m in assets as well as five properties transferred to the community foundation.
Posted: 12/10/23
The Charity Commission is investigating two religious charities amid concerns over payments to a trustee they share.
Posted: 12/10/23
Help needed to tackle climate change ranges from marketing, fundraising and evaluation to improving diversity and planting trees.
Posted: 11/10/23
The social media platform formerly known as Twitter does “not encourage a safe, healthy or inclusive environment for our community to engage with us in”, says the transgender support charity.
Posted: 10/10/23
Surging demand and financial challenges force one in eight charities to turn people away, a survey has found.
Posted: /9/10/23
Posted: 9/10/23
Charity Times Awards 2023

Banking & charities: what's causing the rift & can we fix it?
The strained and deteriorating relationship between banking/finance and nonprofits has been well documented by the charity sector, so what does banking/finance have to say in response? Why isn't the relationship improving and how can it be fixed? With 30+ years of collective experience through working in international payments, IPT Africa's CEO Mark O'Sullivan and COO Daniel Goodwin give their insider's view