Charity Times organises and hosts a range of exclusive roundtables and bespoke events throughout the year, which are free to attend for charity leaders and professionals.
A roundtable forms a basis for discussion where participants debate specific topics. Each person is given equal right to participate in these discussions, which centre on current trends and issues affecting the sector.

Roundtable discussions and event write-ups are published digitally and in print. The write-ups and comments are sent to participants ahead of publication and they are given the chance to approve their comments. Chatham House rules apply.

If you have a roundtable or bespoke event topic in mind, please contact

Linda Libetta

Commercial Manager Charity Times and Better Society

020 7562 2431

Property roundtable: Creating property strategies to enhance your charity’s mission
Accountancy rules and reporting: Compliancy in an online world
Diversifying your investment portfolio
Managing risks in a volatile market
Accountancy & Reporting: living by numbers
Responsible investing: Investing To advance your mission

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