Food aid charity reveals UK areas with the most generous Muslim donors

The UK area with the most generous Muslim donors is Kingston-upon-Thames, data from a food aid charity is suggesting.

Charity Right, which distributes meals to children living in poverty across the world, has analysed its average donation figures from Muslim donors UK wide.

This found that those in the Greater London suburb of Kingston-upon-Thames are the most generous, donating £1,058.75 on average.

In second spot are Muslim residents of Stafford, whose average donation was £1,000.

Other areas in the top ten are Middlesborough, Stoke-on-Trent, Sutton, Ashford, Tunbridge Wells, Croydon, Peterborough and Cardiff.

“We understand that times are difficult for many in the UK, so it’s amazing to see so many people still giving what they can to help those in need,” said Charity Right chief executive Asim Lone.

“These contributions will provide nutritious school meals to children facing hunger around the world.” Lone continues “These meals are more than just sustenance, they’re a crucial step in breaking the cycle of poverty.

“By providing nutritious school meals, children can focus on learning in school instead of hunger. This empowers them to get an education which helps break the chains of poverty for future generations.

“We are incredible grateful for the compassion and generosity of all our donors who are helping us create a brighter future for children around the world.”

A survey by agency Blue State of 1,000 British Muslims in April found that they gave four times more than the average donor over the last year.

While Muslims on average gave £708, the average for all adults was £165.

Through their faith Muslims are required to give a portion of their wealth to good causes, known as Zakat.

Half of Muslims are open to donating their Zakat to registered charities, with ease and transparency of giving “crucial motivators when it comes to giving”, found researchers.

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