UK charities team up with young people to tackle society's biggest issues

Some of the UK’s largest charities have teamed up with young people as part of a youth movement designed to tackle some of society’s biggest issues.

The movement, A Million Hands, is a social impact project launched by the Scouts, designed to allow more young people to make decisions affecting society and to take part in community activities.

Stress in charities on the rise, survey finds

Over half of charity leaders (51 per cent) feel stress in the charity sector has become an issue over the past year, new findings show.

The concerns increased in line with the size of the charity, with 57 per cent of medium-sized charities and 61 per cent of large charities admitting that it was a growing problem.

Craig Beeston: I was a judge at the Charity Times Awards – this is what I learned

"The serious efforts, which charities seem to be making to measure their impact, qualitatively, quantitatively and longitudinally, came through strongly in the submissions. Another pleasing thread that trickled through the shortlisted submissions was the preparedness of some charities to exhibit a little bit of boldness."

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New guide launched to help smaller charities with theory of change

A new ten-step guide has been launched to help small to medium charities with their theory of change.

The guide, launched by NPC, is aimed at small charities with no prior experience of theory of change, and those that want to refresh their understanding and look at their theory of change in a different way.

Caron Bradshaw: Why does the narrative around public 'trust' makes me feel so uncomfortable?

“I have a real problem with the continued focus on trust, driven by what the public say they want and how much they say they trust charities in any given moment. It assumes that what the public wants is in the public interest and will deliver public benefit. It assumes that if we are not trusted it is because we are not trustworthy.”

Charities need better systems for dealing with data complaints, regulator warns

Charities need to ensure they have good systems in place for responding to requests from members of the public wishing to cease contact, the Fundraising Regulator has warned.

Speaking at the Voluntary Data Conference in London today, the regulator’s chief executive Gerald Oppenheim said around a fifth of all complaints to the regulator between 2017-18 were in relation to how supporter data is managed.

Bond launches apprenticeship to increase diversity in international charities

UK NGO Network, Bond, has launched a new apprenticeship scheme to encourage greater diversity across international development charities.

The scheme, which has been developed in partnership with tech start-up WhiteHat, will allow NGOs to run apprenticeships and will have a dual focus on increasing diversity across the charity sector at entry-level and upskilling existing employees.

New movement launches to double number of young charity trustees by 2024

A new movement to encourage more young people into charity trustee roles has been launched with the aim of doubling the number of young trustees by 2024.

IoF announces action plan for tackling climate emergency in fundraising sector

The Institute of Fundraising (IoF) has announced an eight-point action plan to help tackle the climate emergency within the fundraising sector.

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