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To be responsible for MiSST School Support for a number of MiSST schools

1. MiSST schools

Provide weekly support and advice in relation to the ALWP and the development of extra-curricular ensemble and orchestral groups to Heads of Departments in Schools. Visits in person monthly and online support weekly (more if needed)

Meet regularly with the MiSST Director of Music to discuss, over time, all elements of the ALW programme, identifying early issues and barriers to achieving good outcomes for all

Provide support, ideas and examples of ways to solve problems so solutions are found quickly and implemented effectively in schools

Identify areas for staff development and work with the Head of Music in link schools to address these

Ensure students are well prepared for any MiSST Programmes of Excellence such as MiSST Together and the annual concert and participate in these

Ensure that the ALW programme is implemented, students are assessed at agreed points and data is collected, collated and sent to MiSST

Ensure schools have a regular cycle of performance through assemblies, concerts and other events for students to rehearse and perform in front of an audience

2. School Monitoring

With The Curriculum Team, evaluate and review an agreed number of schools to quality assure practice and outcomes in line with MiSST’s Quality Assurance Policy on the agreed basis

As part of each review, complete the report form, highlighting the strengths and identifying areas for development as well as any concerns raised

Regularly work with the MiSST Curriculum Team to develop the ALW programme where necessary and report on schools

3. Head of Brass:

Lead on the pedagogical approach for teaching Brass within and beyond the ALW programme

Teach Brass at the annual residential and other Programmes of Excellence as agreed

Lead on Brass skill development programme(s) for teachers and tutors, providing and keeping under review online resources

4. General

Ensure that the above duties are carried out in accordance with agreed MiSST Policies

Carry out other duties deemed to be reasonable within the remit of this role

Support MiSST in its large annual events and where necessary
Posted: 22/03/2023
United Kingdom
Job type
£36,000 + 3% contribution to the NEST pension scheme
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