Commission finds trustees responsible for charity's mismanagement after official warning ignored

The Charity Commission has found the trustees of a charity responsible for mismanagement after they ignored official warnings.

The inquiry found that the trustees of Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts had failed, over several years, to file their accounting information with the Commission.

In March 2023, the regulator issued the charity with an official warning in which the organisation was required to file its annual return, trustees' annual report and accounts for 2020, 2021 and 2022. Following no response, the Commission opened an inquiry.

During the inquiry, the Commission found that since 2019, the charity had failed to prepare and file the needed accounting information.

It also found that the charity failed to comply with its governance document. The minimum number of trustees required was three but it had been working with fewer than that number with no effort to recruit more.

Furthermore, a trustee was acting whilst subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). The inquiry informed the trustee this meant that they were automatically disqualified from acting as a trustee and would need to resign from their position.

It was explained to the inquiry that the charity was inactive and had not been operational for some time, and it has since been removed from the register.

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